Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paul Mattox

According to this online auction of a vinyl pressing of this album, this man was killed in a motorcycle accident in Daytona Beach (not sure what year). Apparently, he wrote and arranged all the songs on his albums by himself. 

Update: Paul Mattox himself posted on our Facebook page that this story of his passing is fabricated, and indeed he is alive and well!

Genre: Blues Rock / Southern Rock

Runnin' With the Night (1987)

1. Runnin' With the Night
2. The Legend of Mr. Tramp
3. Lady Blue
4. Brand New Scoot
5. Dance Hall Girl
6. American Girls
7. Baby It Ain't the Same
8. Underground Tattoo
9. Sweet Milwaukee Iron
10. A Song for the Eighties

thanks Ricky M. for lending the cassette tape for this rip!



  1. According to the liner notes, the band that played on this album was:
    Paul Mattox - lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
    Pete Carr, Ernie Lancaster - lead guitars
    Bob Greenlee - bass
    Scott Corwin - drums
    David Yancey - piano
    Mike Galloway - harp
    Tom Hollis - saxophone
    Wendy Kelli and L'Tayna Rembert - background vocals

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  3. He's not dead. I'm his daughter and as of the time of this writing, I can tell you he lives lives in Texas, just outside of Austin. It's so funny that so many places online, I see it listed that he died in a motorcycle accident. It's always a good laugh for us.