Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dark Ruin

Genre: Thrash Metal

Although I have no idea if they're still around, Dark Ruin were stalwarts of the Roanoke music scene, playing a style of music firmly rooted in 80s heavy metal. I believe they released 2 full-length albums (in 2003 & 2006 respectively), before nearly every band member changed, their entire song catalog was jettisoned, and the group added a keyboard player. Unfortunately I don't have any material that was released after this point.

Here is an entertaining review of their 2003 release.

Harvest of Blood

Personal Vendetta (2006)

missing some track names, as well as cover art

1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Reverend Dirt
5. Harvest of Blood
6. Hellbent II
7. The Juggernaut


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